• About the Company

  • Vision

    To be the leading electrical company in Marlborough with the ability to provide fast and efficient responses for the electrical and automation requests made by our clients.

  • Mission

    Galeano Electrical Ltd will provide the highest quality of electrical products and service, depending on demands and needs of our clients.

  • Core Values

    Commitment: To fulfill our obligation by being passionate about solving problems and helping our clients with their electrical needs.

    Integrity: We are transparent, honest, and consistent to take responsibility for our action.

    Excellence: We deliver the highest quality in all our products and our services.

  • Organisational Culture

    We believe that every person who comes into contact with Galeano Electrical will be comfortable to find a company with responsibility and integrity for our employees and customers.

  • WHS Compliance
  • Work Health and Safety Compliance

  • Galeano Electrical Ltd is fully commitment to the Work Health and Safety (WHS) program and the WHS Management System (WHSMS)

    We follow the "Up to Speed" Master Electrician program.

    All our clients can rest assured that their electrical work is carried out with high standard safety procedures.

    • Leadership and commitment.
    • Consultation and engagement
    • Safe work procedures
    • Education, training and supervision
    • Maintaining a safe workplace
    • Keeping records
    • Workers return to work
    • Monitoring, reviewing, improving.