• Complete Electrical Services

  • Electrical Installation and Repairs
  • Electrical Installation & Repairs

  • Our sparkies are highly competent and can quickly identify any electrical problem, and then find an effective solution on time, without any dramas. In addition, we bring reliability and attention to detail to every job we take on.

    We offer installations and we supply electrical gears with their respective SDoC (Supplier Declaration of Conformity). We guarantee our clients the best and safest products on the market.

  • Electrical Installations & Repairs include:

    • Bathroom extractors, fans and heaters
    • Dishwashers
    • Hot water cylinders
    • Light switches
    • New sockets outlet
    • New outdoor shed or garage wiring
    • Phone, data and networking cabling
    • Range hoods
    • Stoves, cook tops, and ovens
  • Electrical Testing and Tagging
  • Electrical Testing & Tagging

  • Understanding the requirements for a safe workplace, we offer Electrical Testing and Tagging for ALL your electrical appliances as well as inspection and reporting. (See table below)

    Electrical equipment we can test include:

    • Computer Devices
    • Domestic Appliances
    • Powered Hand Tools
  • With our latest portable appliance tester PAT420, we can test all your electrical appliances under AS/NZS 3760:2010 regulation. Our portable tests include:

    • Class I Appliances Test
    • Class II Appliances Test
    • Earth Bond / Continuity Test
    • Extension Lead Test
    • Insulation Test
    • Residual Current Devices (RCD) Test
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Sales, Service & Installation

  • Heat pump installations is one of our specialties.

    Following all the Unit Standards 19666, 22441, 22442, and 23959 and our full Refrigerant License, we can offer the following heat pump services:

    • Calculation
    • Location & Installation
    • Relocation
  • Calculation

    Providing the right information with AS/NZS3823 performance data to make sure we will install the right heat pump size in your place.

    You have a choice depending on which brand you prefer:

    • Mitsubishi
    • Panasonic
    • Toshiba
  • Location & Installation

    To advise the best location and type of heat pump you can install in your place we have the following options:

    • Wall split
    • Floor mounted
    • Multi – inverters
    • Ceiling cassettes
    • Under ceiling
    • Ducted
  • Relocation

    If you are thinking of renovating your place and need to relocate your existing heat pump, we can help.

    We offer a fast service; with all the refrigerant gears to make sure your gas recovery is safe and ready to go in your new heat pump location.

  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance & Servicing

  • Providing the highest quality of electrical products and services.

    We can offer maintenance and servicing for your home, factory, farm or workplace.

    With our preventive maintenance schedule you can reduce the expensive cost of repairs ahead.

  • Maintenance & Servicing include:

    • Breakdowns
    • Ceiling fans and heater
    • Data and telephone installation
    • Dedicated circuits pools, spa, heat pump etc
    • Electrical contracting
    • Heat transfer system 1,2 or 3 rooms
    • Indoor and outdoor lighting
    • Lights repairs
    • Machinery and motors
    • MCB's (circuit breaker) changes or upgrades
    • Plugs change or upgrades
  • Lighting Installation
  • Lighting Installation

  • Lighting Installation By Galeano Electrical

    Different settings require different types of luminaires. A luminaire is a complete lighting unit consisting of one or more electric lamps with all of the necessary parts and wiring.

    Luminaires can be classified according to how they distribute the light:

    • Direct: a luminaire that gives 90-100% of light downwards.
    • Semi-Direct: a luminaire that gives 60-90% of light downwards.
    • General Diffuse: a luminaire that gives 40-60% of light downwards / upwards.
    • Semi-Indirect: a luminaire that gives 60-90% of light upwards.
    • Indirect: a luminaire that gives 90-100% of light upwards.

    Our lighting design experts can help you determine which type of luminaire would be right for your setting. Then we can install them for you.

  • Indoor Lighting Services:

    • Emergency Escape Lights
    • Fluorescent Lights
    • LED Recessed Lights
    • Low Voltage Lights
    • Recessed Lights

    • Track Lights
    • Traditional Light Fixtures
    • Under Cabinets Lights
    • Vanity Lights
    • Wall Scones
  • Outdoor Lighting Services:

    • Landscape Lights
    • Low Voltage Lighting
    • Motion Controlled Lights
    • Post Lights

    • Security Lights
    • Tree Lights
    • Walkway Lights
    • Wall Scones
  • Electrical Inspections
  • Electrical Inspections

  • Electrical Inspections By Galeano Electrical
  • We offer the following:

    • EWOF (Electrical Warrant of Fitness) for caravans, motorhomes, boats as required every 4 years.
    • Inspection and testing of “Mains Work”.
    • Inspection and testing a three-phase low voltage installation for compliance with ER 73 (2).
    • Inspection and earth fault loop testing of earthing system for compliance in accordance with AS/NZ 3000 app B.
    • Inspection and testing of an existing low voltage installation for completion of a Certificate of Verification in accordance with ER74.3 and AS/NZS3019.
  • WHS Compliance
  • Work Health and Safety Compliance

  • Galeano Electrical Ltd is fully committed to the Work Health and Safety (WHS) program and the WHS Management System (WHSMS)

    We follow the "Up to Speed" Master Electrician program.

    All our clients can rest assured that their electrical work is carried out with high standard safety procedures.

    • Leadership and commitment.
    • Consultation and engagement
    • Safe work procedures
    • Education, training and supervision
    • Maintaining a safe workplace
    • Keeping records
    • Workers return to work
    • Monitoring, reviewing, improving.